Suffolk County Condemnation Attorney

Eminent Domain attorney

Governments have the right to take your property through eminent domain, more commonly known as condemnation, upon a proper showing of a “public purpose”. You, however, have a constitutional and legal right to be “fairly” compensated for the direct or indirect damages to your property as a result of a full or partial taking of your property.

How your property may be legally taken

Federal, state and local governments have the right to take all or a portion of your property for a public purpose through condemnation. You are, however, entitled to fair compensation for your interest in the taken property pursuant to various provisions of:

  • The Constitution of the United States
  • The Constitution of the State of New York
  • New York State statutory and regulatory law

The governmental subdivision that condemns your property is obligated to:

  • Provide you with advance notice of the taking
  • Conduct a public hearing to demonstrate the public purpose, need or benefit that is served by taking your property

The threshold is very low for the government to demonstrate a public purpose so they almost always prevail on that issue. But you can still get a better outcome if you work with a condemnation lawyer in Suffolk County. Our fight is usually not to prevent the taking, but to obtain for you fair compensation for your direct and indirect damages.

How you can be compensated for the taking of your property

While the government is legally obligated to fairly compensate you for condemning your property, the offer you receive may not adequately reflect its value. You need an experienced Suffolk County condemnation attorney with a profound understanding of property valuation. At Scott DeSimone P.C., we have thorough knowledge of prevailing market trends and the Eminent Domain Procedure Law. We also leverage our relationships with expert appraisers and engineers, who can help make the case for your right for greater compensation. Our experience in eminent domain cases allows us to estimate whether the cost of such services would be justified by the additional compensation you are likely to receive.

Get fair compensation with help from a condemnation lawyer in Suffolk County

When we represent you in a condemnation proceeding, you do not pay a fee until you receive a settlement and you do not pay costs until your case is complete. If we are unable to obtain additional compensation beyond the amount originally offered by the government, you owe no legal fee.

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